Entertainment Consultant

Are you having personality problems in pre-production or on the set of your movie or television show? Are your band members feuding?

Dr. Debra is a consultant to the motion picture, television, and music industry. She is available on a confidential basis to travel to the set or performance venue to counsel and mediate any problems.

The movie and television industry

It’s difficult for actors to do their best work when the atmosphere on the set is hostile or critical. Sometimes these situations happen because one person, such as the star or director, is speaking and behaving in a way that is adversarial to their colleagues or detrimental to the project. Other times, two or more people aren’t getting along or are acting in an unprofessional manner. This can have a negative effect on the cast and crew, slowing production and stifling creativity.

When this happens the other people involved in the project may be reluctant to confront the individual(s) for fear of losing their job or being criticized. Or they might be concerned about the “star” causing a scene.

Dr. Debra can bring objectivity to these kind of difficult situations, discretely soothing upset feelings, and tactfully helping the acting out individual(s) realize the negative consequences of their behavior. In addition, she can help clarify the issues, implementing successful communication and mediation between the parties, and strategizing solutions for the problems.

The Music Industry

Dr. Debra also works with popular bands, providing counseling and education to help solve communication problems, upset feelings, and personality problems that are interfering with the band’s ability to perform to their best capacity, or threaten the well-being and longevity of the band.


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